Friday, October 21, 2011

The Gorilla in the room

We will be hosting another protest, blowing up our giant 26 foot tall inflatable rat for the second time, in front of the Anchorage Daily News this Friday October 21st 1:00 to 3:00 PM for selling out their readers in favor of to corporate interests. 
Like it or not, ADN is still the media gorilla in Alaska. A little fact checked front page news about oil taxes would discredit the claims of Hawker and Parnell and bring an abrupt end to any significant measure of support BP has for its campaign to avoid paying Alaskans a fair price for the oil they take.
Whether through campaign funds, or other means, want of money is the only logical rational for a fully informed legislator, or governor, or newspaper for that matter, to turn a blind eye and/or assist a resource extractor in a quest to take Alaska's resources for less than other resource extractors would pay if they were given the opportunity.
KTUU News argues that ADN is a private company and has the right to print, or not print as they wish. KTVA didn't see it that way and gave us good coverage two weeks ago. Click here to see KTVS's coverage of our last protest in front of the Anchorage Daily News.
"Sin of omission" is a term you've have learned in journalism. ADN's readers have a right to trust in ADN's truthfulness, and ADN has violated its moral obligation to be truthful with their readers. The  degree to which The Daily News has avoided factual reporting on oil tax issues is obvious and money for silence is only one logical reason.
Getting a fair price for Alaska's oil effects your dividend, your teachers salary, your tuition and just about every thing government service you depend on. Join us and make an impact on a local institution that has sold you out as it licks the boots of British Petroleum.
Ray Metcalfe 907-344-4514

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