Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The company we keep

Those that seek to serve in the public's interest should be held to certain standards. Their personnel lives should be looked at in some detail to gauge their honesty, lawfulness, integrity and other core values. His choice of Church, business relations, personnel friends and family should be looked at to gain an overall picture of him or her.
If it is found that they are questionable in any of these areas they should be investigated. If they are found to be drug users, sexual deviants, deadbeats, scofflaws, liars or equally abhorrent sorts they shouldn't hold public office. If they are found to associate with known criminal elements in business, public or private they should not be allowed to hold public office.
Of course in Alaska we would have to entirely clean house and start over, because so many of our elected or appointed officials have become convicted felons that their co workers, friends and families have been forced to associate with undesirable elements of society.

Mark Begich was the best man at Bill Bobrick’s wedding in 1998, Bill Bobrick admitted in federal court that he conspired to bribe former state Rep. Tom Anderson.
We tend to make friends of those that share our basic values.

Bill Fikes, Wasilla, AK