Friday, May 26, 2006

Send your legislators a nasty note. Attached are all their e-mail addresses.

If you think the Governor's pipeline proposal stinks as bad as I do, Please take the time to say so in a letter to your legislators.

Personally I'm supporting the All Alaska gas line to Valdez.

By sending your email to yourself "CC", and copying and pasting the addresses below into your "Blind copy to" or "BCC" address box, each recipient will get a copy showing your name and his or her name only. I have added my own address as well, to see how many emails to Juneau this letter generates.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

Every Alaskan Should Know!

It's something every Alaskan should hear. Please forward it to an Alaskan you know..

Bolivia's voters removed politicians who had been taking money from oil companies and selling their fellow Bolivians down the river, in exchange for personal wealth and enough money to get re-elected. (Kind of like Ben Stevens and VECO.)

All around the world, the populations who have enjoyed the most benefit from the production their countries oil are the citizens of those countries whose leaders set the price of their resources at world market and told those corporations who don't like it to leave.

They do it with the full knowledge that, as long as they leave enough room for a profit to be made, someone will step forward to develop their resources.

Today, world market is precisely what Bolivia has demanded. (82%). In fact, Bolivia's demand is a little on the low side of world market. On average today, oil producing host countries demand 82% to 92% of the bounty of their oil, and they get it. And the same people who develop our resources develop theirs.

Tell your legislator to face facts. If it weren't profitable for an oil company to produce oil for 8 to 18% of the bounty, they wouldn't be doing it all over the world.

Bolivia will get everything it is asking for. How do I know this? I know this because the governments of;
Morocco, Peru, Mozambique, Azerbaijan, AIOC, Congo, Malaysia, Angola, Colombia, Yemen, Indonesia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Russia, Timor, Norway, Libya Block,Myanmar, Qatar, RDPSA, Nigeria, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela, and Iran;
All made similar demands and got them.

Meanwhile, our governor and our Legislature beg, plead and lick the boots of oil companies, in exchange for enough to run their next campaign for re-election. Our governor turns a blind eye while our state Senate president Ben Stevens openly takes bribes from oil-related companies, and votes to gives away Alaska's oil for less than half what other oil producers would gladly pay for the right to produce it.

As the oil companies bend us over and have their way, our local officials make no objection as they raise our property taxes to fill the void created by the revenue sharing Alaska's communities no-longer get.
Did anybody from government come beg and plead with you over what your property tax on your home should be?
Did you refuse to buy a house because government wouldn't set the tax on your home at a fixed rate for the next 30 years?
Did your property taxes go up to make up the difference for the oil tax brakes our legislators gave oil?
Click on the attached, to listen to what the president of Bolivia said.

If you can't play the attached, go the following link and click on (listen).

Ray Metcalfe