Saturday, November 21, 2009

Replay Begich's Campaign Ad Claiming To Have Eliminated Anchorage’s Deficits.

Begich claims he warned the Anchorage Assembly of looming deficits. If he did so at the time he said he did, he did so while simultaneously running campaign ads advising voters that he personally had eliminated Anchorage’s deficits.

Click below to see Begich’s quote in today's Anchorage Daily News (11/19/2009) referencing Anchorage’s $30 million deficit. Begich said he “fully apprised [the Assembly] of all financial information related to the Municipality throughout my terms as mayor."

Then click below that to see Begich’s news release saying that he did inform the Assembly.

Farther below, click to see the campaign ads he ran at the same time, claiming that Anchorage’s deficits had been eliminated by his leadership.

Clearly, either the claims Begich made in his campaign were false, or the claims Begich is making today are false. If Begich did advise the Assembly of looming deficits as claimed, then he was clearly lying to voters in his campaign ad. (View the ad)

If, as the Municipal Attorney claims, Begich did not advise the Assembly then, he is lying to the Assembly today.

By necessity, one or the other of Begich’s conflicting statements has to be false.

Anchorage Daily News:

The ADN story:

When the Municipal Attorney said Begich had failed to advise the Assembly of looming deficits, Begich responded by saying any suggestion that he had not informed the Assembly was “absurd” and claims to have provided proof through documents. (Click below to see Begich news release)

Two campaign ads claiming to have eliminated the deficit:

The above has been provided to you compliments of Ray Metcalfe.

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