Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unhappy with Cowdery's light sentence? Sign our petition for change.

The difficulty in prosecuting politicians is what you would think is illegal is not. Prosecutors rely on statutes made flimsy by the politicians they prosecute. To remedy this, Ray Metcalfe is collecting signatures to put the following proposition on the ballot.

*“Anyone found using their public office to enrich themselves, their relatives, close friends, business associates; past, present, or anticipated employers or contributors, is guilty of a class A felony. Anyone found securing enrichment by inducing public officials to violate this statute is guilty of bribery, a class A felony.”

If you’re willing, He needs 100 sponsors to submit his proposal to the Lieutenant Governor’s office. He will be at CafĂ© del Mundo 341 East Benson Blvd at noon Monday the 16th.

Alternatively, print out one or more copies of the petition you can download here:
mail them to: Ray Metcalfe, PO Box 233809, Anchorage Alaska, 99523.

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