Saturday, May 12, 2007

And now a word from the webmaster...

Look at the mess that we have before us now! The FBI raids Alaskan Senators offices (due in no small part to the relentless efforts of a prominent Republican Moderate) and carts off their stuff, then decides that they should go back and cart of some of our Alaskan Politburo.

Rep. Vic Kohring, Rep. Pete Kott and Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch were three of the six legislators whose offices were raided by the FBI last August. former Senate President Ben Stevens, the son of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was another of those who had their offices raided, but has not as yet been charged or arrested.

"These two indictments allege that the defendants sold their offices in Alaska's State House to an influential energy company in exchange for cash payments, loans, jobs for relatives and the promise of future employment," Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher

If securing "jobs for relatives" is a chargeable offense than shouldn't a Governor appointing a relative be offensive as well? Shouldn't accepting payments for sitting on boards of commissions you have legislative control over be offensive?

I'll be turning over rocks till I can find Disco Ray and see if he has an opinion on this mess that he has created.

Bill Fikes, Republican Moderates of Alaska Webmaster

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