Sunday, September 10, 2006

When did APOC go over to the dark side?

When Alaska Public Offices Commissioner, said the law wasn’t clear enough to hold Ben Stevens accountable for channeling money from his father to his fishing company, APOC became the Ben Stevens defense team.

I read Ray Metcalfe’s charges and his supporting evidence. APOC’s $150 slap on the wrist was more than inappropriate, I believe the Republican appointed majority may be shielding the corruption of their favorite father and son team.

Sheila and her fellow Republican appointees know that the rules they are supposed to enforce were designed to prevent exactly this kind of wrongdoing by public officials.

For the rest of us who set on the sidelines and do nothing, if Ben were to tell us that a falling star had landed in his pocket once, although hard to swallow, he would deserve the benefit of a doubt. But when APOC pretends not to see, as Ben Stevens shrugs his shoulders with a “who new attitude” and over and over again, stuffs his daddy’s earmarked appropriations into his pocket, we have the classic case of the audience afraid to speak what they all know.

Neither APOC nor the King have any clothes.

Authored with assistance of Ray Metcalfe, submitted to the ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS by Al Sundquist December of 2005, and the ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS refused to print it.

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